A new range, available to pre-order today for delivery in 2016

For the first time ever

The first Coleman Milne vehicle range to be fully engineered using CAD manufactured technology, you can pre-order now for 2016 delivery

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Concept vehicle drawings created and overall sizes discussed. An agreement with Ford Motors was reached to use their Mondeo as the donor vehicle for the new range. The OEM CAD data was received and work on the Coleman Milne version started shortly after.

Styling signed off. Detailed CAD work on pressed panels complete and CAD data sent to tooling partners to begin the casting and machining of the tooling.

January 2015

Start building CAD designs and laser cut jigs ready for first vehicle to be extended. Mondeo Estate donor vehicle delivered to site and laser cut and CNC folded parts start to arrive.

Strip the first vehicle, extend, first fit of all new parts and complete the build of the first Norwood Classic ready for launch at the 2015 NFE

The Norwood Classic receives overwhelming response at the NFE.

July 2015

The saloon donor vehicle for the the Rosedale Limousine arrives on site and prototype build commences

July 2015

Caladh Funeral Services are the first to order a Norwood Hearse and matching Rosedale Limousine.

Rosedale modifications are well under way

The Rosedale is complete and available to view

September 2015

The Norwood Classic hearse is accompanies the E-class Hearse to the Irish Funeral Trade show in Dublin with an over whelming response and even a couple of orders!

October 2015

Build of the second hearse variant goes into build

October 2015

Both the Norwood Classic & Rosedale are shipped to the Boxburg test track in Germany for ESP Alteration

November 2015

Both vehicles sent for noise and brake testing at Mira proving ground

November 2015

Norwood Classic and Rosedale go through final checks for European Type Approval.

December 2015

Exciting studio shoot for the new range ready for the 2016 marketing campaign

January 2016

The Norwood, Norwood Classic and Rosedale limousine prototypes are now complete and available for demonstration. Contact your account manager to find out more.

This dedicated site has been developed to keep our customers up to date with all developments on the new Rosedale and Norwood collection. Follow the progress of bringing this impressive new product range to the UK funeral market.

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The Rosedale limousine offers the ultimate in modern travel. With touch screen technology, Auto-stop-start function and leather upholstery as standard, the Rosedale limousine is the perfect partner to any ceremonial fleet.

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The Norwood hearse range with its sleek styling has been designed to accommodate both traditional and modern tastes, presenting a generous sized deck, large bearer seat access and a capacious full size under-deck establishing the Norwood as the hearse of choice for any ceremonial fleet.

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